Kiki Yang:  A blogger of the ethnically Chinese variety, raised and educated primarily in the West. Some would say she’s “fake Chinese,” but we prefer “Chinese-esque.” She redeems herself by being fully bilingual and being able to see through a lot of the hang-ups, both East and West.

Clara Lewis: One very obviously non-Asian blogger — Irish-Canadian, actually, with red hair and freckles. She has a fascination for all things Chinese: the language, the history, the medicine, but she is equally passionate about ancient Western culture. Clara also wants you to know that she loves Riverdance.

Joann Xia: Joann has recently joined our team as resident designer. She brings with her a variety of talents acquired over the last 10+ years working in film and television production, advertising, communications, and promotion. Fully bilingual, she has worked in both English and Chinese media. Joann is also a poet with an interest in traditional Chinese poetry. We are grateful for the many talents she brings to our team.

Contributors: A number of much-appreciated authors and designers from all over who share some of our sensibilities or just our sense of humor. Generally speaking, they know about things we have no idea about, but they're also the kinds of people we wouldn't mind inviting over for a nice cup of tea.

As a group, we are always pleased to find the good things in both civilizations, Chinese and Western.

If you'd like to join the conversation, as a writer or a reader or both, feel free to contact us through the Contact Us button at the top of the page.

We are based New York but we have each traveled and lived in countless cities and towns across four continents: North America, Europe, Australia/Oceania, and, of course, Asia.

Combined, we have had careers in education, marketing, broadcast journalism, television, and film. We blog because we have things to say.

Together, we are Cathay Au Lait.